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Who’s over harurinralia? Clearly not me… ha…hahaaaaa….

Sousuke’s future wasn’t explicitly described, so I’d like viewers to watch episode 13 and draw their own conclusions. Sousuke’s spent the last two years bearing this pain, and the decision he ultimately came to was what we saw in episode 10, so he can’t just come out and say, “I’m going to try swimming again,” easily. Plus, I’m sure hearing Rin tell him, “Come back!” must have been really painful for him. After all, if he could do that, he would’ve done so already. He can’t—and that’s why he gave up. So for Sousuke, those words were probably more painful than anything else. But on the flip side, hearing that from Rin of all people…was probably something he’d been wishing for from the bottom of his heart.
—Utsumi Hiroko, Spoon 2di (via yama-z-aki)
When I tried to think about what on earth could move the heart of a boy like Haruka, who’s awkward and never really gets agitated over anything, I realized that it would have to be something out of the box, or it wouldn’t work. But maybe something as big as going to Australia would be sufficient to awaken something within him. Haruka has never really left his hometown, has lived there his whole life, so he’s probably never really seen what “the world” really is. And I felt that if Rin had just taken him to visit some famous pool in Tokyo, it wouldn’t have been enough to really shake Haruka—but Rin himself would probably choose to take him to the place where he’d grown up, Australia. For Rin, Australia was a place filled with a lot of harsh memories—but they weren’t all bad, and he saw and experienced a lot of things there, so he’d want Haruka to see those same things. And I feel he was the only one who could do that for Haruka; its as a very “Rin” approach to the issue.
—Utsumi Hiroko, Spoon 2di (via yama-z-aki)

On Haruka and Competition

Interviewer: It’s true that in Episode 1 of ES, when Rin said, “You still think you’re the best in the water though, right?” Haruka’s expression changed a bit.
Utsumi: Plus, I feel that if all he wanted to do was swim, he wouldn’t have joined a swimming club in the first place. There was no reason for him to participate in tournaments, either—he could’ve just gone to a public pool and swum to his heart’s content. He’s always been sensitive to winning and losing, instinctually; he simply never realized it. That’s why, after encountering Rin, he started getting so competitive. I’ve felt that Haruka has had those instincts within him ever since first reading the original novel (“High Speed!”), so this was all a journey to help Haruka realize that himself, I feel.

More deets about Episode 14

Interviewer: [Regarding episode 14, to be released with DVD 7 in March 2015] Can you give us a hint about what we can expect from that episode?
Hatta: The main 8 will form a single team! […] The Samezuka and Iwatobi teams will be shuffled. It’s usually Iwatobi vs. Samezuka, right? But wouldn’t you like to see something different, seeing interactions between characters you’ve never seen before? Like Makoto and Momotarou, for example.
Yokotani: But it won’t be a swimming match! (haha)
Hatta: Right! (haha) Everyone will deepen their relationships through this episode, so please look forward to seeing just what sorts of conversations these characters will have with each other!

On Makoto and Haru's living arrangements

Interviewer: By the way, are Haruka and Makoto attending the same university?
Utsumi: No, they’re at different universities. They’re both in Tokyo, but they live in different areas; they live near enough that they can have dinner together on occasion. And while the paths they walk may not be the same, I feel that this sort of distance is really ‘them’.


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sousuke follows rin to australia and becomes a pro surfer the end yayyy